Best Foods to Start Weaning for your Baby

When you start weaning your baby, you might be very confused as what to feed your baby, what to avoid, and what foods to begin with. It is important that when you are starting weaning, you check for any food allergies. For this purpose, you must add one new food item at a time and then wait for a few days to check for any allergic reactions.

  • When you begin weaning, the best first foods include mashed or softened and cooked vegetables and fruits such as parsnip, yam, potato, sweet potato, apple, carrot, or pear. These entire items must be cooked and mashed before serving them to your baby. It is best to steam them as steam ensures that the key nutrients are preserved while other cooking methods involve losing them while cooking. You can also buy a best food processor for steaming, blending, and pureeing the baby food.  
  • Melon, peach, and other soft fruits, baby cereal or baby rice mixed with a little formula or breast milk, are also good options for feeding your baby.
  • You can also serve finger foods. These are grab able pieces of food that are almost the size of your finger which the baby might hold and gradually chew. Finger foods allow the baby to learn chewing. Ripe bananas and avocados can be served as finger foods to your baby.
  • Once the baby gets used to these initial foods, you can serve soft cooked meat like chicken, fish, noodles, pasta, toast, rice, lentils, and mashed or pureed hard-boiled eggs. You can even serve full-fat dairy products like custard or yogurt.
  • When your baby starts weaning, you can give him a cup and allow him to have sips of water while having his meals. It is suggested that a free flow cup or an open cup is given to the baby so that the baby learns to sip. Such cups are also good for their teeth.
  • Experts recommend that all children under the age of five years are given vitamin A, C, and D supplements on daily basis. However, babies having over 500ml of infant formula per day should be excluded from this as formula milk is already nutrients fortified.