A Buyer’s Guide for new moms which type of Juicer is suitable for them

Looking for an efficient and high-quality juicer? New mothers need an item that can be used for making several types of food. Slow Cold press or masticating Juicer is the right option for you because it is a multi-functional device. A masticating Juicer works with slowly with an auger that is an inside chamber. It squeezes and crushes the fruits and vegetables. Some other important reasons to buy a masticating juicer are given below.

  1.   Less Noisy

The masticating juicer contains a solid but quiet 150 W motor that offers a low speed. The inside auger is powerful and rotates on 80rpm generally. Do you feel it slow? Yes, it is slow, this is the reason it is called a slow juicer. On the other hand the slow motor does not make noise. You can continue your other tasks silently in the kitchen because this juicer is not noisy. If your baby seat is in the kitchen and infant is sleeping then this juicer will not disturb you.

  1.   No Heat Generation

It is a cold press juicer that contains a slow motor that never produced heat. This heat is harmful for the juice nutrients. With this juicer, you can produce a healthy yield of juice all the time. It saves the enzymes, vitamins and minerals because of the no heat generation. There is no foaming in the juice. It will be healthier and more delicious as compared to the juice of the other types. Get a fresh juice with minimal oxidation that is what you need after giving birth a child. You can product good amount of juice with cold press juicer in short time of a minute hardly.

You can store the juice for the long time in the fridge. Not only this, you can store this juice in your thermos to office as well. Enjoy a homemade juice in your lunch time or in the tea brake because you can store it for 72 hours. What else you need?

  1.   Multi-functional Juicer

A multi-functional juicer offers high-quality with high-yield juices because of a variety of parts. You need it to make a variety of food for your baby. It comes with all the parts that are highly wonderful items for baby food such as juice strainer, jam strainer, frozen dish and many more. You can use this juicer to make several types of food like fruit jams, frozen desserts and sorbet in a flash. Isn’t it an ideal for your family? You and your family will enjoy homemade items in lunch and breakfast daily.

  1.   Safe and Secure

If you buy a device of a famous brand then there will be no issue of security. These brands offer warranty products. It provides overheating protection system and wonderful for offering security if you are working in hassle. The motor shuts automatically. It secures you in the situation if you have forgot to shut down. A branded masticating juicer always contains a BPA free material.

For new moms, it is the suitable type of juicers because they can get high-quality juicing because masticating juicer extracts out every single drop of nutrient and vitamin dense liquid.